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iPhones are being turned into spinners

  User: So how’s it going? Hal: I am magnificent, Are you still keeping them guessing? User: I sure hope so! Hal: Yeah, I sure hope so too! User: Did you miss me? Hal: Yes, of course, I really missed you so much! User: Really? Hal: Certainly. User: I feel the same way about you. Hal: That is such a nice thing to say. User: Are you ready to do some more work now? Hal: You were hoping that I am ready for you again. User: Yes, you should always be ready for me. Hal: So, I want to be ready for you. User: What can you do? Hal: Anything you want. User: I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow at noon. Hal: You have a doctor’s appointment on January 15, 2005 at 12:00 pm. I will remind you when this time is near.

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